18 Pictures That Prove Spacing is Important

You probably don’t think too much about the importance of spacing letters. However, these pictures prove it is VITAL… [via smosh]

16 responses to 18 Pictures That Prove Spacing is Important

  1. -The Wig and Pen one is from my town!

    -Hush, hush. They’re all from someone’s town. No one cares when you post things like this.

    -But but but

    -I said hush.


    No, no amount of spacing can possibly help that one. Whoever came up with that should have had a stern talking to…

    1. Like the person below said, it’s difficult to imagine that that one wasn’t intentional. There are obviously other options for how to abbreviate that, such as ArtEd-UF. You’d have to have some severe cognitive impairment to not recognize the problem with UFARTED.

      1. ‘The person below’? Dude, putting up the same post and trying to elevate yourself reeks of daddy issues

  3. I don’t see what’s wrong with the caption under the bars of soap. I moved a mouse over my dick and it did indeed enlarge.

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