20 Things That Are So True it Hurts

You can’t deny the truth behind these statements… [via ebw]



















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        1. I’m confused. Are you just being pedantic about the fact that you don’t believe 6’7″ is low clearance or did you not understand what Michael said?

      1. No, the joke is literally what it says – “I’m not sure if my car will fit, so I better duck”, because of course your car will fit, it doesn’t make sense to duck whenever you drive under something.

        1. You’re already under the roof of your car, therefore it is pointless to duck. It’s like trying to cover up a fart by increasing the volume on the radio.

          1. EXACTLY. There’s no reason to duck, but some people (including me) do it anyway. The same way some people also turn their music down so that they can see the road signs better.

    1. Also don’t most polling places have a bunch of ballot stations open, whereas most Starbucks have one cash register, MAYBE two open? And people under 18 and people who are not citizens can buy from Starbucks but can’t vote, so of course that would affect the line.

    2. don’t worry, even if the majority of the country votes for the other candidate, the loser still wins. Enjoy being the laughing stock of the world for four years, USA

        1. Cracka please. The rest of the world had leader envy. Now we’re back to being a worse joke than we were when Dubya was re-elected. (Source: have been overseas during several of the past 5 election years.)

  1. you forgot turning music down in order to find a parking spot it can go like this “maybe if i turn my music down i will be able to see better.’

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