18 Brand-New Better Names for Animals

When it comes to animals, the rename-game is a fun one. Here are a few you may not have seen before… [via SBSG]

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    1. It is indeed a sea turtle, a Green Turtle to be specific. While it’s not a snapping turtle, they still snap, and can do some serious damage, so the name still fits.

      1. Not really, sea turtles are really chill. They CAN snap, but they most likely won’t.

        There’s a video out there of a sea turtle that had a plastic straw lodged in its nose and these people had to pry it out with pliers and no sedative for the turtle. It look terrible with blood gushing everywhere and the guy straining to pull it out. Meanwhile the turtle didn’t snap once.

        On the other hand the snapping turtle will tear the shit out of you.

        There’s two varieties: the alligator and the leatherback.

        Sadly the alligator snapping turtle is endangered while the leatherback is over populated and people mix the two up constantly. What’s worse is that the alligator looks mean as hell, covered in spikes, but is very placid. While the leatherback looks sweet but will tear a chunk out of you in a heartbeat.

        The end result is that the alligator gains its cousin’s reputation for being mean, while at the same time people think they’re common because they see leatherbacks all the time and think it’s the same species and in turn kill them.

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