The Weirdest Euphemisms for Masturbation From Around the World

America isn’t the only country that has some weird ways to refer to ‘choking the chicken.’ Below are a few of the funniest euphemisms from around the world… [via chive]

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    1. I suppose you know how every single Estonian currently alive and who has ever lived talks, and therefore know for a fact that nobody uses that as a euphemism, and nobody ever has.

    2. Just to be that person- sounds like they were looking for the weirdest one, not necessarily the most common. So, it might not be one that most people use, you just need that one small town that has the saying and shares it because they’ve not heard it anywhere else. Otherwise the word “weirdest” wouldn’t even figure in. Semantics!

    1. “Wave to the little man in the canoe.” I don’t know how common it is, but I had a female friend who used it frequently.

  1. Romanian one is used for taking a piss, i.e. you’re hanging with your buddies and say “I’m going to shake hands with the president”.

    Or maybe my friends were casually going to masturbate in the middle of the game. Hmm.

  2. I´m mexican and i´ve never heard that expression anywhere. So they got that one wrong… “jalarle el cuello al ganso” is more common and more funny.

    1. That one confused me, because the only person I’ve ever heard say that was my high school Spanish teacher, who was born and raised in Spain.

  3. In Egypt, for men it’s “to beat 10” or “to unload dimes”, while for women it’s “to beat 7 and a half”.

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