9 Gross Things Every Couple Has Secretly Done

Becky Barnicoat has illustrated some of the most disgusting things that all couples are guilt of doing… [via BF]

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    1. Seriously. People who share toothbrushes are sick. That’s not normal or ok. Share the same piece of toilet paper why don’t you.

      Also as a married person, most of these are things SOME couples do, not all, and sure as hell not me.

  1. Been married 12 years. I laugh at farts, and I talk about poop to make my husband realize how gross it is for him to talk about it and stop. (His mom was a nurse and he grew up reporting his poop to her as a way for her to judge his health, I guess. I don’t know. She’s nuts.) But I don’t do anything else on here. That’s nasty!

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