22 Pictures That Will Make You Say “That’s So Petty”

All of these situations are extremely small and petty… [via smosh]





















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  1. A girlfriend cheated on me multiple times, and all of our friends knew about it. Rather than dumping her, I acted like I forgave her & was extremely nice in public, but practically ignoring her existence in private. She complained repeatedly to our friends, but none of them believed her. After 17 months, she packed up and moved 1,500 miles away. She moved back to town a few years later, and none of our old friends would even talk to her.

  2. That Stephen Fry story is a bit of a fabrication. I’m not sure it’s real at all. Although Stephen Fry does embellish anecdotes like this for comic effect. But the first audiobook came out in 2002- Fry was entirely and completely aware of the Potter phenomena when he agreed to do the books. Rowling also would have decided who would do the audiobooks. Or at the least, she would have had a veto. And there weren’t four books left when he started the audiobooks. I’m also pretty sure that a man as eloquent and verbal as Stephen Fry could say ‘pocketed it’ perfectly well.

    1. What gets me is that I think that phrase was actually in Chamber of Secrets. When Harry and Ron discover the diary in the bathroom, I’m 99% sure Harry picked up the diary and “pocketed it.”

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