16 Creative Tattoo Re-touches

There’s no such thing as a bad tattoo, only an unfinished one. Here’s before and afters where they got it right. [via smosh]




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  1. Why is a big black square considered creative? Also why was the cute sailor being covered or is that just sharpie for fun?

    1. The square isn’t creative, but I know people that covered formerly-meaningful tattoos (usually an ex’s name) with blobs/blocks of black. They want the piece gone from sight, but they want a reminder not to do something that stupid again. And good cover-up work is usually very expensive.

    2. Maybe I’m just straining to give it a meaning, maybe they actually went braindead on that particular one, but I thought of Malevich Square instantly.

  2. Some of these are definitely more impressive than others. I have to say the first one is my favorite. It’s a creative way to not only fix a mistake, but also incorporate it in the new design.

    1. I kept looking at that one going “is that… a swastika…. ? Or…. just bad lines…” but I’m guessing considering it’s not something that only one person noticed that it was… and yay for deciding that’s not something they want anymore

  3. I know that it’s not really that creative and wasn’t even really a cover up- but I love that their tattoo said Kelsey and they just added Grammer…. because he’s freaking awesome.

  4. Some of the before ones, I mean, those are so awful. Like did they give a 6 year old the tattoo pen? I can’t believe there are professionals who make money doing tattoos as awful as the various skulls and that owl.

    1. Those tattoos most likely weren’t done by professionals, but by drunk friends, themselves, ‘my cousin whos gonna be a tattoo artist’. Its real easy to make your own tattoo gun, theres videos all over the place

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