17 Funniest Twitter Photo Captions

Twitter isn’t just for text anymore. [via buzzfeed]




11 responses to 17 Funniest Twitter Photo Captions

  1. That shoot the wife. Hang the family one. Is mildly amusing, but the caption of the guy who is too dumb to tell that it’s clearly a joke sucks the fun out of it.

    1. Yeah, who’s the stupid one there – the person who made the slogan that’s obviously supposed to sound really dark, or that guy who thinks it’s an accident? What a moron.

      Also that lady who’s apparently pissing herself laughing because someone accidentally printed a boarding pass on big paper. Like, geez, lady, calm down, it’s not that funny.

      1. Ah thank you for explaining. I honestly did not get the boarding pass thing at all. I guess I was just looking at the pass, not the surroundings that showed how big the paper was. #derp

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