17 Times Quotation Marks Made Us Suspicious

Quotation marks are “great” if used correctly. But here are some times where they seem to be hiding something. [via dumpaday]



16 responses to 17 Times Quotation Marks Made Us Suspicious

    1. I think that is an inside joke about skydiving. When asked if people want to go skydiving, people say “why would I jump out of a perfectly good airplane? ” or “why would you jump out of…”

      I think they are playing on that phrase.

  1. Thanks for being our “Dad” might be for an adopted father or stepfather. Or maybe even a foster father or other father figure who’s not actually related. The rest of these are suspicious af.

  2. That Island Bakery bread is from the island I live on. There’s a loaf of it in my freezer right now… I’ve never noticed those quotes before this. Weird.

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