Photographer Puts His Cats In Hats

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki makes tiny hats for his cats by using fur from their own backs. Hats. Cats. Backs. With Ryo’s skilled photography the three cats end up looking like dignified, yet adorable little wizards.  [via thechive]



5 responses to Photographer Puts His Cats In Hats

  1. Them sure ahh ahhdorable.

    these cats are indulging their master
    they let him make caps from their fur
    they calmly avoid the disaster
    that he may explode if they stir

    there are twists and stresses in photography
    and loads of angles are tried
    what inconvenience there would be
    if their master got apoplectic and died

    1. woah…
      so dark suddenly it got
      My sadness could not be contained
      To think in rhyme I forgot
      Something something pet dander

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