21 Dad Jokes That Are So Bad, They’re Good

Dads are the kings of terrible jokes…










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  1. I very much like this post, but I don’t understand why everyone collectively decided to start calling bad/lame/corny/cheesy jokes “dad jokes.” Some of the above jokes are identical to ones that were printed in joke books that I had when I was seven years old. Impregnating a woman does not suddenly make you more prone to the enjoyment of puns. That shit is ingrained at birth.

    1. But for dads, it’s socially (somewhat) acceptable to tell “dad jokes”. And for little kids, I guess, but who listens to kids, anyway?

    2. They’re called “dad jokes” because they’re the kind of bad / lame / corny / cheesy jokes a dad would tell his seven-year-old child.

    1. Knowledge in the English language starts with a ‘K’ not an ‘N’ so the joke would be that they cannot spell knowledge, which would mean they aren’t smart or don’t have a lot of knowledge.

  2. Field walks into a bar. “How ’bout some hops & barley?”
    Bartender says, “Sorry, I can’t serve you.”
    Field says, “Why?”
    Bartender says, “You’re already plowed.”

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