28 Times Huskies Were The Funniest

We’re not saying Huskies are the best dog. We’re just providing a bunch of cute and funny data and letting you decide. [via ebaumsworld]



5 responses to 28 Times Huskies Were The Funniest

  1. I would be super happy if a husky suddenly appeared to say hi to me, even if I was pooping.

    Also, dogs getting their heads stuck in plastic things is not funny. I will never forget reading the story about a person who came home to find their puppy dead after it got its head stuck in a potato chip bag and suffocated. Put that stuff out of reach!

    1. Every time my dog gets into something it’s MY fault because I didn’t put it away. She gets on the counter (puts the “spring” in Springer Spaniel) so I REALLY need to put stuff away.

    2. Honestly, sometimes you honestly *do* think something is out of reach, but you later found out you underestimated how good they are at getting into stuff.

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