20 Savage College Football Signs

The Michigan-Ohio game took place on Saturday, and as a testament to the long running rivalry the signs were harsh and on point. Most of them aimed at Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. Despite the official… 2016 is the year of the sign. [via thechive]



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    1. Fun fact, in Ohio, M&Ms are considered a custom delicacy until the Mars company decided to begin testing the new flavours in Ann Arbor, thus began the long legacy of OSU’s hatred of M&Ms and therefore any reference to an M becomes null. The M sections of the dictionary and print copies of encyclopedias, all removed. “What about words with Ms?”, you may ask, well, true story, all keyboards are equipped to make double-Ns super close together to mimic a letter M. The term marriage in OSU area, is actually spelled nnarriage. And even more fun fact, Garfield in OSU area actually hates nnondays. All true, 100%. Great job everyone 😀 thumbs up.


    Why are we gutting educational institutions so that amateur athletes can give each other concussions?

    Meanwhile the entire system is massively corrupt and has wide spread academic fraud. The athletes are denied any of the money they generate. Colleges are constantly shutting down programs and giving the money to sports. There’s cover up after cover up all the time.

    UA used to be known for the discovery of DNA, now most people who go there don’t even know that and they’re only known for moving a fucking ball around a field.

    College teams should be seperated from schools and turned into an amateur league.

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