Funny Pic Dump (11.29.16)


jen lewis

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    1. It’s Styrofoam to-go containers — they invited themselves over, and planned on taking the food home w/ them. You know, because in-laws 😉

  1. We’re really going to post a picture for laughs of a man running people over ONE DAY REMOVED from the OSU attacks? This is so offensive and disgusting.

    1. Don’t worry.

      The attacker didn’t use a gun and everyone was saved when he was shot with one.

      So basically the news won’t cover it at all because it doesn’t fit the narrative they’re trying to make that all guns are bad.

      Just today I listened to NPR for an hour and a half driving and they didn’t mention it once.

      Not once.

    1. Hey, did you know that many of the dogs from that movie contracted parvo and all of them were destroyed after filming?

      Enjoy that little piece of knowledge!

        1. Sadly unless they are trained actors most animal “extras” are destroyed after filming a movie. This is considered (probably correctly) to be kinder than sending them to the pound to await the same fate only with 7 days of confusion and worry beforehand

          1. I’ve been an animal rights activist for 47 years and I’ve never heard of this, which is not to say it isn’t true. It just sounds so crazy, and so unnecessary. All they’d have to do would be to put out a press release that the dogs from “such-and-such” a movie were for adoption and they’d be swamped with requests.

          2. Animals used in movies are owned by professional trainers. They’re hired for the movie, then go back home for a rest, just like any other actors.

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