17 Amazing Letters to Santa

What a kid says to Santa is a sacred thing, not to be seen by others. Luckily, these letters made their way to the internet somehow. [via 22words]



9 responses to 17 Amazing Letters to Santa

  1. Oh my goodness. That “Dear “Santa”” one looks just like my childhood handwriting, and I did not believe in Santa. Could it be mine…???

    1. And if a kid is asking for “MORE protein powder” that suggests that either he’s too old for a stocking or his parents are bloody idiots.

  2. My favorite is the one asking for batteries to go with the toys that use batteries. I’ve been in that kid’s position, I get it.

  3. Dear Santa,

    For Christmas I want nothing more than to not have to see any more blatently fake things kids supposedly did posted by their parents.

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