22 Unfortunate Chinese Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body, so it should be meaningful. Or least not complete nonsense. But hey, if you got something nonsensical tattooed on your body at least it’s in a language only over a billion people can read. [via sobadsogood]



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  1. This is the tattoo artist’s way of fucking with people who don’t pay attention/care enough about the work. Do your own research, and this doesn’t happen.

  2. I find the one with the 88 hilarious — hey, lemme get Chinese characters permanently on my body!! While supporting white surpremacy!!

  3. Some of these aren’t bad or even Chinese. Shawn Marion has “Matrix” in Japanese, Shawne Merriman’s says “Pain.” “Calamity” is pretty badass in any language.

  4. The “drowning in weed” one is not correct.

    It is backwards, but the first Japanese kanji (it’s Japanese, btw. Not Chinese. Also, “Chinese” is not a language. China has two languages) is not drowning or weed.

    It’s the Kanji for “great” or “fire”.

    The only reason I know this is because it’s scoarched into the side of a mountain near Kyoto when they over threw the government and moved the capital to Tokyo.

    It is backwards though.

    1. It is Chinese for “marijuana drown weaken”. Those words are common, just odd when put together that way. “dama” is literally “big hemp”, what they call the drug when it’s smoked.

      “Kanji” literally means “Chinese characters” and all but about a dozen are derived from characters created for Chinese words and adapted to Japanese.

      Chinese is far more than two languages, but 99.9% of modern written Chinese is Baihua (most similar to Mandarin).

      Some of the translations are reaching for a joke. Jing can mean sperm in the word “Jingzi”, but that is not it’s primary meaning, and it is used in a lot of different, non-spermy words (jingmi=precise, jingshen=mind, jingli=energy, spirit). “Jian” means “cheap” rather than “cheap shit”. Not a nice word to call someone, though.

    1. I was about to protest because not everyone on the list is white, but yeah.
      Using Asian characters for a tattoo is pretty damn white.

  5. Drowning is not correct, nor is Great fire.
    The top character is Dai. It means BIG.
    And it is backwards.
    Japanese Kanji alphabet is based on Chinese.
    The message is that Tattoo artists will mess with you in a language you do not understand.

  6. Is there a place where I can post the picture of the poorly done Kanji tattoo I received when I was 17, to find out what it actually says?

  7. I’ve been watching Chinese films with subtitles for many years and these all sound like high quality translations to me

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