22 of the Worst Roommates Ever

It doesn’t take much to be a good roommate. Just be quiet, don’t dirt the dishes, stay out of the living room… basically stop existing. Yeah, there you go. That’s a good roommate. Anyway, here are some roommates that spitefully continue to exist. [via guff + 2]




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      1. Might be the passive-aggressive one doesn’t know the fucking name of the fucking dickbag that slams doors, since the fucking note was in the fucking hallway. You fuckwit.

      2. Or the door slamming asshole is one of those people who never opens their door when you knock (or they’re never in). So you have to resort to leaving notes on the door for the whole world to read your problems. I had suitemates like that last year (we shared a bathroom and they loved to lock the door so no one in our room could get in)

  1. I mean, the TP one is kinda dickish, but its not that much of a problem unless someone is about to have diahhrea, I don’t think many people wait until the last minute to use the restroom to where they would sit down before not noticing the lack of TP.

    1. Your word “diahhrea” looks like your mouth just had diarrhea of letters and that’s what came out. Do yourself a favor and buy a “dicksionerry”…

  2. The note about pee in the fridge is perfectly nice. Sometimes you need to provide a urine sample, and you can’t just leave it out.

  3. Sometimes, I look back wistfully on my younger days.

    Today however, I am eternally grateful I no longer live with slobby college kids.

    1. This is a very American invented mindset.

      It makes no sense economically or socially to live by yourself.

      And multigeneratoonal homes are actually the norm around the world, but apparently it’s something to mock here.

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