17 Outrageously Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There’s your average ugly Christmas sweater, the kind Aunt Molly will wear with the little smiling snow man and gingerbread house. And then there’s those who go beyond, and create some truly revolting. [via collegehumor + 2]



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  1. The ugly Christmas sweater party has totally lost its meaning and point. None of these count.

    The idea was never about creating one or buying one specifically made for such a party. Rather, the idea was to dig into your attic or go to a thrift shop to find one from long ago that was a normal Christmas sweater at the time and wasn’t meant to be ugly, but became ugly over the years because of a change in style.

    If you make or buy an ugly sweater not made before 2008, you are doing it wrong.

    1. The sad day I figured this out was when I wore my special “normal” Christmas sweater because I didn’t have an “ugly” Christmas sweater and everyone thought it was Perfect! So now I get it.

    2. Wah wah wah people are ARTSING and CRAFTING instead of JUST PUTTING ON A SWEATER, the cultural significance is WRONG stop having fun with how TRENDS NATURALLY DEVELOP and immerse yourselves in FASHION HISTORY YOU DICKS

    3. How about the number of people on here who, rather than having a fun, ugly Christmas sweater, have really gross, trashy sweaters? I can get behind making your own ugly sweater, especially if whoever’s hosting the party says that’s what you’re doing, but seriously a lot of these sweaters look like the theme of the party was “Be as trashy as possible” rather than “bring an ugly sweater.”

      You’re right that it’s supposed to be about bringing in older, existing sweaters basically to laugh at fashions past. People complaining about you not being fun at parties when that other guy went on some rant about you. Like I might dismiss you with an eyeroll at a party but I’d actively avoid that one anon.

    4. I should have clarified, if it is a make your own sweater party, I have no problem with that. It’s the ones that are manufactured that definitely don’t count. That shows no creativity or effort.

    5. I agree. Although my daughter gets together with her friends, a large basket of material & accessories, for a “Who can make the ugliest Christmas sweater” party. They wear old ones they find at Goodwill, but the new creations have no limits, and are immediately donated.

    1. I like how all the names of this comment string are private parts, especially the irony of dick talking about Christianity.

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