22 Hilariously Wrong Game Show Answers

If you were put on the spot would you always have the right answer? No, but you probably wouldn’t say this stuff. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. The horse one is a perfectly legitimate answer as well. Not that when you buy a horse, it turns out to be a washing machine or anything, but it used to be VERY common when buying an expensive horse, to find out you bought a horse literally on it’s last legs.

      1. I believe you are correct. In general, the legs horses are born with are almost always the same legs they have on when they pass into the great horse ranch in the sky

  2. The “name something made of wool” answer of “sheep” isn’t nearly as stupid as the answer already on the board – cotton wool?? ???? It’s not really wool if it’s not made of animal hair, and if it’s cotton wool than it’s clearly made out of cotton anyway!

    1. “Wool” can mean anything fibrous and fluffy-looking: rock wool, steel wool, glass wool, and so on.
      Another word that has a more general definition than we’re used to using is “corn”.

  3. I saw a Family Feud the other day and the question was “name something you wouldn’t want to fall into face first” and one of the actual answers on the board was “Volcano.” I laughed until I stopped.

  4. On family fortunes in the uk, someone was asked to “name a bird with a long neck”, he answered “Naomi Campbell”.

  5. these are taken from a video compilation.
    no idea why someone thought this would be better as pictures with captions. in the video you get to see the hosts react to the dumb answers.

  6. None of these top the time the category was “strangest place you’ve had sex” and the chick answered “in the butt.”

    But I did like the Pork-Upine one. Dude shoulda got bonus points for smart assery that magnificent.

    1. No,he wasn’t being a smart ass, just being a dumb ass.

      He was a wannabe rapper and the whole family was kind of dumb. His sister won the draw with lion (meaning loin, obviously) and even spelled it out for the judges. Steve mentioned this family once later, wondering where the producers found them and why they made the cut. If I remember correctly, this was the only question they actually got to play.

      Then again, I’m sure they put a lot of families on just to get a reaction from Steve with their antics or their answers. “upine” is still one of the better bad answers from the Steve Harvey hosted Feud, and may even be up there with the best regardless of host or era.

  7. “Okay so following the rules of wheel of fortune the fish love one is impossible and either fake or edited” I thought, then I realized that it could be a toss up and letters are being randomly revealed. So I don’t know there are any hints on whether or not it’s a toss up but if it’s not a toss up it’s fake

  8. One time on family fortunes the question was ‘name a famous cartoon mouse’ and the guy answered ‘topcat’

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