37 Everyday Disasters

There’s always the chance that today will be your day. The day something happens to you that the internet laughs at forever. [via boredpanda]




20 responses to 37 Everyday Disasters

  1. What kind of gross-ass chocolate does that person eat regularly that she couldn’t figure out by touch that it was soap and not chocolate?

      1. I ate some kind of nasty white chocolate that I found in the bathroom at a hotel. Must be some expensive stuff. It said it was french milled or something. I didn’t care for it at all.

  2. Who stops to take a photo of their burning dryer? That’s a sign that you get out of the house, perhaps use that phone to call the fire department!

    1. Yes. The glass was hot because it was black and in the sun, then the temperature shock from the icy beverage shattered the table.

    2. Yup. Same thing as pouring hot water on your windshield to defrost it. In this case, the glass was super hot and expanded; and the ice cold drink caused the glass to contract rapidly, shattering it.

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