30 Weird Moments From British TV

We love the Brits, but like any child who visits their mum and finds her hanging banana peels on the clothesline, we sometimes worry. [via thechive]



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  1. To be fair, “famous walls” can be a few things, you’ve got the Berlin Wall, The Whailing Wall, The Great Wall of China, among others around the world.

  2. I like how British gay men wear red flowers on their lapels to let you know they are proud to be gay. It saves a lot of stress.

      1. Agree- I find it weird that someone would even say that… it’s not like it’s for something stupid. It’s not a matter that should be joked about.

    1. In John Prescott’s defense…and I never thought Id say those words in a million years….getting hit in the head by an egg feels exactly like being punched or struck in the head by a weapon. Having been hit in the head with an egg, my first reaction was to spin around with my fist raised as well…lol.

      Saying that…I would not say no to the chance of throwing an egg at JP myself. I would probably do it from a bit further away though 😉

      1. I remember him on Have I Got news for you and that was his explanation. (Well aside, from Tony told him to connect with the electorate)

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