30 Pics That Survived College

We get it. You’re overworked, nervous about your performance, and not sure if you’re even in the right place. Don’t worry, the rest of adulthood isn’t like that at all. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. Ugh, millenials are such whiny bitches. I’m sick of the bullshit complaining. Stop acting like University is soooo hard. Its not. Its also not different from when I went in the late 90s. Try working 40 hours a week on graveyard and going to school full-time assholes. Then you can piss and moan. Oh, and try researching a paper without the fucking Internet.

    1. Not saying I’m special or better because I worked full time, just saying millenials are weak little bitches that like to whine and complain.

    2. They having a rough time handling college.

      You’re having a rough time handling people complaining.

      Who’s the whiny bitch here?

    3. If you had internet back then, it would have been filled with these posts as well, because people exaggerate for comic purpose. There is also the problem that many kids go to college who didn’t want to originally because the market demands them, they obviously feel more pressured than those who took high school like a champ and went to uni because they wanted to.
      We are all burning the two ends of the same fucking candle, be that work or education, home, school or work originated stress, and you are going rough at kids who are no worse than you for bitching about a humour compilation. Grow up, hug your degree, and carry on with your life.

    4. Whiny bitches unlike you?

      Also for fuck’s sake these posts were all meant to be humorous, for people in college to laugh about how much work college can be. What school did you go to that you can’t relate to having a lot of work to do in college and that it felt overwhelming sometimes?

      Do you also like to bitch at homeless people complaining about how cold it is because you once went to Antarctica and forgot to bring an extra pair of socks one time? You can’t be like “Oh yeah I remember those days when i was cold, I feel ya, buddy, but things’ll get better”? No, you have to throw a huge tantrum about people making humorous posts about all the work they have to do in college and what an adjustment it is?

      Seems like you especially should be able to relate to the posts about not sleeping, since you apparently works full time on graveyard shift but also went to school full time, which by my calculations means you either never did homework or never slept, or else you were committing time fraud by doing your schoolwork while on shift.

    5. So if you went to college in the late 90’s I’m guessing you were born around ’82? Better check the definition of the millennial generation before you go complaining.

    6. Just because you had bigger problems doesn’t mean other can’t complain about their problems.
      It also doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy humorous exaggerations of common problems.

      Otherwise only the person with literally the worst life in the world could complain and that’s not really feasible.

    7. Lay off guys. Itwasn’tme was clearly triggered by this post. It’s okay. I’m sure there’s a safe space nearby you can recoup in.

      1. Oh you mean calling out an entire group of people on baseless claims triggered them too? How interesting. And you think the members of said group are the ones who need a safe space? Veerrryyyy interesting.


    9. you forgot to eat for three days because you have so much work to do?
      you stayed up for two days straight to do a project that you only had two days to do?
      working 60 hours a week while attending school pay for that schooling?
      not being able to afford health insurance, food, to fill your car, even though you have the aforementioned job?
      being wrung dry for every last fucking penny you own?
      literally the only reason I can be disgusted with you right now is because at least I don’t have to pay for the fucking internet at the library.

    10. I wish you all the worst in life, the dog shit on the bottom of my shoe has more value than you do. I hope you die sad and alone, but you probably won’t. Just alone and angry. You ruined a perfectly hilarious post.

      WHY DID YOU READ THE POST WHEN YOU KNEW WHAT IT WAS ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you not fucking read a fucking title?

    11. No, let them complain more! I get a real kick out of laughing at them and knowing to ignore their tantrums in all areas of life, including the election. Their logic, reasoning and facts tend to be as deep as a tweet. Funny children. Most will outgrow it all as they get real jobs, pay taxes and have families of their own. For now just find them funny.

    12. Um sorry to break it to you but most of the people I went to college with also worked at minimum part-time 20 hours a week. You’re not so special, stop trying to sound hardcore.

    13. Boomer here. Just turned 50. It’s never easy being young. Ever. Give them a break itwasn’tme. They’ll either make it or they won’t. It all depends on the amount of effort they expend and the amount of want or need they have.

      Like all generations, time will separate them all out.

      Good luck btw anyone reading this. It gets easier as you get older, simply because you don’t get as upset over the small things. You learn to take it in stride and keep going if you make it past 30. It’s the big things that worry you.

    14. I guess you sitting on this site at the start of means you degree was just sooooo useful. You must be sooooo much better than us. Bet you’re an underemployed fuckhead.

  2. Ugh! I had to work two full time jobs and walk 50 miles in the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways while fighting bears with a stick, and hungover from excessive drinking (as excessive drinking was my third job) to get to my University, and I still graduated with honors. Damn millenials! WTF is wrong with you?

  3. Finished Uni last year
    got employed
    every day I wish I was still in uni

    You don’t know what hell is until you get your first full time job, preferably underpaid and overworked.
    Me: “But the contract says 40 hours a week!”
    Employer: “Laughs so hard he shits himself.”

    1. Yes. This is what I came here to say. Except I finished 5 years ago.

      Beware the work contract which says “other work as needed.” IE, all of them.
      Because what that means is “we’re giving you a title for one thing but you’ll actually be the office bitch. Here’s the work of 5 people for the least amount of wages we’re allowed to pay.”

    2. Finished uni just over 2 years ago. My first full time job was a NIGHTMARE. But it led to the job I have now which I love more than I thought possible. Hang tough. I promise the vast majority of us had to pay our dues, too. You’re never alone <3

  4. Things suck everywhere- can’t we just say that and all get along instead of complaining about other people complaining? I mean, the issue is most of us are over scheduled, under paid, and keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. So, when it comes to funny stuff- just enjoy it as the farce that it is and quit bitching about “kids these days” just because you didn’t have the internet to document your complaining while you were in school. Let funny be funny, and keep your bitching for someone who cares what you think. Please and thank you.

  5. You do realize that a lot of millennials also work part/full-time jobs and go to university as well right? I have been working at least one job the entire time that I have been going to university. I graduated from an honours program in the top percentile and I’m now doing a graduate degree while working 3 jobs. All of my friends have also been required to work through their entire university career.

    I don’t see posts like this so much as whiny and complaining. It’s just something that a large group of people find relatable and funny. College is a rough experience. That doesn’t negate the fact that other experiences (working full time, raising kids, whatever it is) are also tough. Just let us come together to have a laugh at something that we have all gone through.

  6. And the best part is no one will ask to see your diploma and you’ll end up in some horrible low paying job that has nothing to do with your hard-earned, expensive degree

  7. As someone who’s about to go back to school AND keep working to pay for it, I thought these were awesome, Derek! I wish I’d had the internet back when I was going to college the first time because laughter is the best medicine.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Strange, I sailed thru University. Never had a single problem, ever. Why all this whining and complaining how hard it is?

  9. Back in my day the struggle was to avoid the flowers and drugs.
    Even the coffee in the students union was dangerous to drink.
    I spent pretty much all my time playing table football (once you won the challenger had to pay and I became quite good)

  10. And lets not forget that all degrees are not created equal. I am a 48 y/o Project Manager with a degree in Civil Engineering and my ex had a degree in Early Childhood Education. We did not even remotely share the same experience at University nor did we look at things the same way. She was often nostalgic about her college years and never let go, perhaps because she technically never the the education system, going from student to teacher, whereas I look at it as necessary part of life if you want to go to the next level. Gamer’s should relate, you cant skip levels. I cant imagine what would life would be like without. I have no parents or family but I was in Germany when the wall came down, conducted the last military SMLM checkpoint with the Soviets traveling from Baden Baden to Berlin, was at the Berlin Wall when it came down, was in Safwan, Iraq at the signing of the cease fire for Desert Storm, back in the Middle East from 2006-2012 and one the last groups departing Iraq, went back to Iraq in 2013 as part of a runway rebuilding effort North of Baghdad only to be driven out June 2014 and evacuated when the current ISIS crisis began and from there to Liberia, Africa, working as Country Manager /PM for the Ebola relief effort. I feel like Forrest Gump sometimes, I have been involved in so many somewhat historical events. I’ve been to nearly 50 different countries. If I hadnt completed my degree, I wouldnt have had the opportunities that I experienced. Your degree is just a ticket to the next level, so enjoy the time if you can, bitch and complain if you must, and look ahead some to what you want to do with life. I can honestly say that the stereo types that so often displayed here and on other sites is not what I have ever seen in the general population. I wish everyone could travel a bit more and experience whats out there and not rely so much on info gleaned from the internet. I apologize for the lengthy and somewhat off topic post. This will be my one and only… Cheers.

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