42 Cursed Images That Will Make You Laugh Nervously

These pics feature strange things happening in strange places, and contain a mysterious quality we can’t quite place. Funny pics from another realm? Perhaps. [via cursed images]



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    1. Because all things involve bread…*Stares into your eyes intently*….ALL THINGS. Worship the bread, and all will be well. Do not believe the unbreaded people in the media…they are all controlled by the secretive and mysterious Rice Templars. The truth (about bread) is out there….

      1. Steve, don’t be ridiculous. Everybody knows that the government spyware would NEVER allow this sort of thing.

  1. #37 concerns me, not because someone had a fever dream about a human/mammal/reptile centipede thing. Not even that they sculpted the thing. Someone ELSE had to have looked at it and said, “Yes, let’s put that in the park! Kids will love it!”

  2. The next to last one ist probably a musician having a brain surgery, the surgeons make people do things they are good at (like playing music or singing), so if the patient suddenly stops playing, they know that they got too close to the brain center that is responsible for these tasks and move away.

    1. I was going to say this. It’s like the time I asked if I’ll be able to play piano after my operation and Doc said “yeah sure you’ll be fine” and I said great, coz I can’t play piano now! Oh, how we laughed and laughed and then they drugged me and I had my operation but I’m slowly learning piano but not Violin. Also I haven’t slept in 10 days because that would be too long.

  3. the tv cow is from young’s jersey dairy in yellow springs ohio. they’ve got those cows all over the place with different decorations on them. not all have tvs of course…

  4. I gave up 1/2 way through, and scrolled down to leave this angry comment. Because they didn’t make me laugh, not even smile. They are just unbelievably stupid.

    1. That’s fair enough. Some of these were from 2013, and perhaps 2013 should be put in a little package, wrapped tightly, and then carefully placed into a rocket or volcano or something and lets just leave it at that. 2008, and 1993, well now they were some good years. And this year is actually quite good too. I got a drone for my birthday and only lost it up a tree once. And I got to go on a boat, which was nice, and I found those coins in the gutter, too, which I almost forgot about. Maybe should put that one higher up in the list.

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