20 Vending Machine Malfunctions To Ruin Your Day

When a vending machine doesn’t work right it feels like the surprise first strike in the war against the machines. [via 22words]



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      1. I didn’t know cats could get welfare. But you’re right — they’d probably lose it if they got jobs in vending machines.

        1. They already just lay around all day in my house, doing nothing, eating my food, drinking my water…now I have to pay them for it?

    1. Nothing wrong with it. Common in other parts of the world but not here so lets laugh at how different it is because ‘murica.

    2. I thought it was because the produce is bagged? Like, maybe it’s supposed to be able to dispense a single apple instead of a bag of them.

    3. Yeah it’s obviously LOLOL FAT AMERICANS and not because the produce is all grouped in bags when vending machines are supposed to dispense the produce individually, so you don’t pay $1 for a huge bag of apples to be dispensed and then get stuck in the machinery.

      It also looks like there might be vegetables in there, which is weird. Not a lot of people have a sudden hankering for a piece of broccoli.

      We’re not laughing because “LOLOL FRUIT MACHINE???? THAT’S SO DIFFERENT AND WE’RE ALL IGNORANT AND FAT IN AMERICA”, but because the product is all in those plastic produce bags when those machines are supposed to INDIVIDUALLY DISTRIBUTE SINGLE PIECES OF PRODUCE.

      1. some countries just don’t have stores that are open after a certain time of night or even day of the week and when you’re cooking you might need some shit you can’t get otherwise so no, they’re not stupid, you are.

      2. How in the hell do you know what the machine in that particular picture is supposed to be used for? Did you write your dissertation on “Global trends in vending machine design and usage, and an exhaustive catalogue of things that are never sold in vending machines anywhere, ever”?

        If not, then your reaction to that picture is exactly the same as the reaction you denied having. You took your own concept of a vending machine and extrapolated from it to conclude that vending machines everywhere are only intended to dispense individual, snack-sized food items. That’s wrong. There are vending machines for goddamn gold jewelry, and I hear tell that in Japan there are vending machines for literally everything that mankind has created.

        The machine in the given picture is clearly not a snack dispenser. It’s design is more like that of the automats that were briefly popular in the US before most of us were alive. If you want a carton of eggs or a bag of lemons, you select the corresponding number and the machine pushes the entire contents of one of those compartments out onto a shelf on the right hand side, where you can slide open the panel and retrieve it. It’s noticeably very different from the sorts of machines you’re comparing it to.

        Also, nobody said anything about “fat Americans.” Ignorance yes, but I’m pretty sure people in most countries buy apples from time to time. I don’t know where you spotted a reference to weight problems in any of the preceding comments, but methinks the Dickwad doth protest too much.

      3. I’m with GG ragequeen- there are even places in our country where people would be happy to see one of those. While a lot of those are set to dispense one item at a time, I don’t think that’s the issue, because otherwise we’d see a picture of stuck items. It looks like they just thought it was interesting/weird and took a picture. Everything GG said seems on point. Also, I do sometimes really wish I had broccoli. Snacks don’t have to be junk food (and shouldn’t be, honestly) maybe you need more veggies in your diet.

      4. Also, Edward seems spot on. Did you know there are vending machines that have crabs in them? There are. Not every place has big one stop stores.

        1. I think dickwads problem is the stereotyping and racism going on in this thread towards America. Not so much the vending machine itself. Someone asked a simple question and others made it racist. Fuck you. Also, it could be something on the sign that we can’t read. So also fuck you.

          And fuck you gherkin spork, nothing was said about sugar. Dickwad was stating a fact specifically about America, veggie vending machines aren’t very common. That doesn’t mean everyone there is eating straight sugar cubes you ignorant bastard.

          1. Tim, you idiot, it’s racist to stereotype a race. Race of Americans. Saying all Americans are fat sugar eating buffoons. It’s not so much “anti-America” because that would imply something negative about the country not the people were you born this stupid or was it a slow decay of your brain cells? “Stop being so racist” person had it right

  1. I miss the hot/cold vending machines in Japan. For Y100, you could get a cold can of Coke or a hot can of coffee or hot cocoa. 🙂

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