18 Hilarious Photo Replies To Dumb Tweets

Twitter is open to the public, so you’ve got to know the risks of posting something dumb. [via smosh]



20 responses to 18 Hilarious Photo Replies To Dumb Tweets

    1. Nah, a lot of it just lack of proofreading before pushing send. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using the ‘voice-to-text’ feature and the phone is doing the best it can to guess what words to use.

      1. I once got ‘sex with horses’ as a voice to text result when I actually said something different… so google must know I’m a perv.

        1. Once I got a voicemail from Modernistic that Google Voice transcribed as starting “This is John, I’m with my internet dick.”

          1. Good to keep your internet dick and your regular dick separate. Makes your partner feel special, that they’re not riding a cock that’s been jerked regularly.

  1. So the bird in church is an “alter eagle”?
    Only if you spell “altar” wrong; otherwise, you’re as much an idiot as the first person who didn’t know the spelling.

  2. I love that the modern world the most common way to boast about your intelligence is to point out others’ spelling and grammar mistakes.

    You know, spelling and grammar in a language that has no structure or consistent rules.

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