31 Times They Didn’t Nail It

Sometimes even if you’re close, you’re way off. [via acidcow]



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  1. Fork you for spooning shat, I cried like a person cutting corn when I found out you burned our relationship like you did the hors d’oeuvres. You threw shade on me like a clear umbrella when I found out you were a man in a dress like coke in fanta clothing. Here’s a key holder made just for you.

    People said never don’t give up, but its accruate that some doors lead to nothing and others leave you falling. And 5 identical men? Maybe they don’t give you mixed signals and only say enter. I don’t know. What I do know is that I know how big you think it is, but let me show you how small it really is.

  2. You would have to REALLY want that bike to steal it though. Can you ride a bike AND push a grocery cart at the same time without looking suspicious?

  3. The truck probably had the slogan painted on its side *before* it hit the bridge. And also, it was probably unrelated to the bridge in any fact!

    I’m sure it was just a coincidence that the writing on the side of the truck had any connection with the *fact* that the truck smashed into the bridge at all! Still, it did make me think.

    ps. there’s another one that says “there are no shortcuts on the road to success” where the truck has smashed into a bridge or something. Priceless!

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