16 Examples of Awful Design

I can’t even use scissors properly, so if I can tell it’s bad design… then it’s really bad design. [via sadanduseless]



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    1. Or if the window was previously made of translucent glass. And yes, this post is almost entirely a repeat of a post from a few months ago.

    2. Oh good, I thought I was just imagining that I’d see all of these before on this very website, I think all in the same post, too.

  1. How is that tiny handrail crappy design? Some people aren’t as mobile is the rest of us, and might need the added stability even just for a couple steps.

    1. Yup, even just to have a hand with the last step is a big help 🙂 This looks like just two steps possibly, I might use the railing in that instance too. In my case I view it as a “helping hand”

      1. Can pleated jeans do surveys? Would be great to get some actual numbers on (1) who has done this (number 2 and shower at the same time), and (2) who would like to.

  2. The drain isn’t poorly designed.

    The asphalt has sunken over the years and the concrete of the drain’s opening hasn’t.

    It’s not rocket surgery people.

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