23 Cases of Delicious Parking Lot Justice

We’ve all seen awful, immoral parking jobs. But few of us are crazy enough to take manners into our own hands. [via thechive]



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    1. That one was distinctly not like the others. I’m sure the four drivers just arrived together and squeezed into the same spot to show that they could.

      1. The only person actually inconvenienced is the Smart Car in the middle who parked RIGHT UP against the truck such that the driver of the truck would have to enter from the passenger side.

        The car next to it would also have a hard time getting out, but could possibly accomplish it without any other cars moving, but that car in the middle is trapped.

        1. Pretty sure it was meant as a comparison picture, note how all four smart cars fit into a spot as big as one massive truck

        2. Common guys if you can’t see that that on is a publicity stunt for smart cars then there is a problem. They are trying to show how big they are, hence 4 can fit in a carpark compared to one truck.

          1. Okay, and a Boeing 747 takes up more room than a tricycle.

            What’s the fucking point of this?

            People need trucks, you know.

  1. I used to mess with bad parkers when I had an old, cheap car. I also had an old, cheap motorcycle, but I determined messing with people wasn’t worth the risk. They could just try to push it out of the way and let it fall intentionally or unintentionally.

  2. The interweb’s quasi-obsession with parking the last few years is fascinating to me. “You’re” frustrated by the minor inconvenience…and so the answer is to further inconvenience yourself by drawing chalk lines, creating/purchasing and then leaving notes and stickers, carefully pulling your own car in to block the bad parking person? The irony is delicious.

    1. Yeah, we should just let all these assholes take up 4 parking spaces or block the entrances to buildings or park in spaces other people pay for without doing anything about it.

      You probably think it’s all right for people to take up multiple spaces if their car is new so other people then have to park in another lot entirely because all these jackasses are taking up more than their fair share of the parking lot.

      1. Don’t you think it’s a bit weird to fabricate someone else’s thoughts just so you can tell them how wrong they are?
        You probably lick the underside of ice cubes and put them back in the tray, and that’s just terrible.

    2. It’s not about the parking spot.

      It’s about the audacity of the person who clearly feels they’re better than everyone else.

      And it’s about the social contract.

      When people violate the social contract society should absolutely act out and remind them why we have it.

      The social contract says that you don’t just take shit that’s not yours, like parking spots. If everyone just took what we wanted then it would be despotism.

      Acting out and vandalizing their vehicle reminds them why we all have the social contract.

      Fucking good.

  3. Knuckleheads: Many of these are staged or pranks on coworkers and friends. Parking Lot justice served on entitled jerks via blocking in or public shamming is fair and reasonable. However, door dents or pushed cars may result. As for scratching the car, I wouldn’t be surprised if the person came back later and scratched the car with, “I know it’s not my stall, asshole!”

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