18 Christmas Decorations That Fell Short

Oh sure, when you look at Pinterest or in those home making magazines it seems like you’re a few minutes away from a cool decoration. But you’re really just making a festive mess. [via ebaumsworld]




6 responses to 18 Christmas Decorations That Fell Short

  1. SIt’s me of these are incredibly easy and people are just dumb……..also wh is it cute for a baby to eat lights? Isn’t that…..dangerous?

    1. So many of the fails with Pinterest cookies are because people use the wrong dough. Others here, you can tell people flat out didn’t follow directions. The decorations still fell short, but I don’t feel bad for them.

  2. In the song “Jingle Bells, Batman smell, Robin laid an egg!”

    Is it saying that Robin laid an egg because Robins are birds and birds lay eggs?

    Or is it saying he farted?

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