16 Dogs in Christmas Sweaters

If you put your dog in a sweater it’s not a gift for him, it’s a gift for yourself. And the entire internet, if you post it on twitter. [via distractify]


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  1. Stop dressing your animals up in stupid human shit.

    If a dog needs a coat for the cold, get it a coat.

    Don’t dress up a dog because it’s “festive” because I promise the dog does not give a shit and you’re kind of being a prick to it.

    1. Fuck off, some dogs especially short-haired ones – like pretty much every dog in this post! – are cold, like, all the time. And if you hadn’t noticed, Christmas falls during the time when it’s REALLY cold.
      You know how even some houses that are heated, you still need to wear socks because it’s cold on the floor, and you know how dogs are closer to the floor than your torso is? ???

      If the dog doesn’t give a shit about wearing a sweater, than how is that being a prick to it?

      In my experience, a lot of dogs really like to wear sweaters, most just have problems with hats and headbands, which I notice you didn’t even mention!

      But I’m glad you’re concerned about animal welfare and focusing all your attention on dogs wearing sweaters when it’s 15 degrees outside.

      1. Mraag youre an idiot, re read what they wrote.

        They said if its actuallt cold get it a real coat not a dumb festive shirt that has no practical use than for humans to snap photos for some insta or twitter fame.

        So suck a dick dummy

        1. This makes me sooo angry!
          So if the dog is cold I can’t put a pretty thing on it because it is pretty?
          The dog needs a sweater, I have found a sweater for the dog, I think it’s pretty, so I have to take a diferernt one that I consider ugly or I am being a dick to my dog?
          Because people reacting positively to the dog going “oh! look at you in your sweater” is something the dog will hate?
          Have you met a dog?
          They looooove that shit!
          The more people that talk to them, the more gushing they get the happier they are.
          (generalising here like when people say cats are assholes, you know)
          Stop thinking every thing that is fun for the humans automatically is bad for the dog, it is not. We are symbiotic.
          If you do stuff that makes the dog sad for fun, that is being a dick. If you do something that the dog don’t care about or even makes the dog warm and is fun go ahead!
          Happy dog= Happy human= Happy dog.

    2. If the dog doesn’t care what it’s wearing as long as it’s warm, can’t it also be cute?

      Our previous dog didn’t like sweaters. She wore one once. Our current dog had an overly enthusiastic groomer in January, and so he needed something to stay warm. He loves his sweaters. He might not care what’s on them, so they may as well be cute to me.

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