25 Best Pet Shaming Pics

When your pet misbehaves how do you let them know it was wrong? Well, first you teach them English. And then you teach them shame. [via acidcow]



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    1. Your human babies are creepy. At least you won’t spend 18 years raising a dog just to have it put you in a home at the first chance they get and spend all your retirement money on hookers and blow. Dogs=much better than children.

      1. Yes!

        Also, a note about the use of “parents” with regard to animals:
        Animals have no rights under the law. They are “property,” which is why they can be so badly abused with so little (if any) consequence. Just as with the women’s movement, in which language was targeted (don’t call us “girls,” “sweetie,” “honey,” etc.), the animal rights movement espouses language reform. The purpose is to change society’s consciousness. This will result in a change in society’s laws.

        So we no longer say “owner” or “master.” Instead we say “guardian” or “parent.” Also, “pets” are “companion animals,” but I make an exception for “pet parents,” because “companion animal parent” is too lengthy.

  1. I mean to be fair, when you bite a man’s wedding tackle, he does make squeaky noises. I can see how a dog would make that error.

  2. Where’s the one that shows a dog with a sign that says “I keep trying to bite the family kid’s face and growl at everyone so the owners have no choice but have me destroyed”?

  3. The toaster one and cat pee happened to us, twice. Different cat though, I wonder if they have pussycat reddit and post these things on there ?

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