22 Weird Break-Up Reasons

“It wasn’t working”, or “They were a jerk” are played out. These people ended relationships for minor and yet totally understandable reasons. [via acidcow]




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    1. And some of these women are seriously messed up. Though it would be nice to hear the girls side, in case i have any habits i need to crush.

      1. I don’t see what’s so messed up about them. Everyone has weird quirks. The truth is that these men just didn’t like these women. If they did like them, none of this dumb shit would matter.

          1. And the eating like 2 year olds (shovel utensils, smacking lips, mouth open). Traveled with someone I didn’t know very well and she dissected her food–ripped it up (with her HANDS) into tiny little pieces before she’d eat it. I finally told the rest of my traveling companions I could not and would not sit with this person during a meal EVER again. Piss poor parenting–when you can’t even teach your child proper dining etiquette. I’ve seen chimpanzees with more delicate table manners.

    2. Yeah, a few of these are sort of reasonable, but breaking up with a girl because her mouth is trapezoidal and she likes chicken nuggets? I’m sure those guys are no prize either.

      1. Surely you can see the difference between enjoying chicken nuggets and never eating anything else. I once had a roommate who ate pickle-and-cheese sandwiches every day. For all I know, she had a varied diet when not at home, and since she was just a roommate, it didn’t affect me intimately. But still, it got to the point that pickles and cheese exuded from her pores. She’d walk by and you’d smell it clear as day. I can only imagine if I had been sharing a bed with her.

        You should be able to see how something like that would put legitimate strain on a relationship. A pigeonholed diet is generally not healthy, and it can be as difficult to watch a loved one stuck in that habit as to watch them developing alcoholism or refusing to address a weight problem. It also deprives the other half of the relationship of the opportunity to share different experiences with a significant other, which is an important part of building a connection.

      2. I had a friend who pretty much lived off soda and fast food. She’d never microwaved anything that didn’t come with instructions on how to do so. Never eaten leftovers. Her parents’ fridge only had bottled water and condiments.

        Asked me to try and get her eating healthier things, but every time I offered to cook us something she’d get all “but you can buy pudding cups already made” and also literally vomited up every vegetable I ever saw her eat.

        My life is much less stressful now that we don’t talk anymore.

        1. Holy crap. She sounds like me! I’m sorry if that annoyed you but some of us weren’t brought up in houses where cooking was an option. As for vegetables, I still can’t eat any. I’d love to eat healthier as well, but it’s really expensive when you have to eat out all the time because you don’t know how to cook or even have proper cookware to do so.

          1. Cooking is fun and easy, you should give it a try.

            Eating is one of the core primitive joys in life right up there with sex. Why would you not want to revel in that as much as possible?

            As far as costs goes, just hit up the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store for cheap kitchen stuff and spices. Then Goodwill for pans and pots.

            Then go to Costco or Sams and buy bulk meats like ground beefs, pork loins, and chicken breast. Sort them out in plastic bags and pop them in the freezer. Put them in a bowl in the fridge 24 hours before cooking them and you’re good to go.

            Some really good and easy to make dishes are:
            -Breaded and Fried Pork Chops
            -Stir Fry
            -Fried Rice
            -Lemon Pepper Chicken
            -Butter fried sweet potato chips with brown sugar glaze/dipping sauce

            Just google how to make the stuff and read the ingredients. If you don’t have all of them, just wing it.

            And make sure to grab some tuperware for left overs.

            That’s what I do anyway. And in all I think that I spend about $2-$4 a meal.

            If you decide to get exotic, make sure to buy from grocers that exclusively sell those items. A 2 litter bottle of sesame seed oil may cost $25 at Walmart, but $8 at a Korean store.

          2. You will get along fine with one saucepan, a frying pan and a wok. They can all be bought quite cheaply. You can google some recipes. Healthy food does not have to be expensive and as for vegetables, buy a cheap blender, blend your vegetables and add them to whatever you’re cooking. You won’t notice they’re there but you’ll get the benefit of them. Spaghetti Bolognese is a nice, straightforward dish you could add lots of veg to. And the other commenter’s suggestion about buying stuff in the source stores is a great one. You can save a lot that way.

    3. Half are reasonable and half are not. And i expect most had more issues in the relationship than this reason alone to break it off. Most people are not that fickle. I can see why someone doesn’t want his gf to smell like his mother. Or have a girl on the fast food track to a heart attack. Some things like the fork, peas, and mustard thing though, are whiny idiots that don’t see they have habits too that can be at least as annoying, like not having the capacity to get over these trivial mannerisms.

      1. Are you kidding me? I’d let the vast majority of these go, but the mustard thing is vile. I’d readily break up with such a person, and not so much because of the habit itself as because it’s difficult to imagine someone doing that without being similarly rude and slovenly in other areas of life.

    4. Okay, all but one of the entries on this list come fro men.

      What the hell is your point? Are you implying that objecting to your partner’s lifestyle is a phenomenon that is mch more common to men than to women? Are you suggesting you couldn’t just s easily curate a list of 21 women confessing to petty or arbitrary reasons for breaking up with a man? If so, what are you basing that on? People complain about current and ex boyfriends and girlfriends all the time. Relationships are ended on either side, with or without cause, all the time. I see no evidence of significant gender disparities in this.

      1. Eh, more that all but one of these entries come from people who have dated women. Could be some irritated lesbians making some of these. Statistically more likely to be men but not confirmed.

        Also I guess many of these break-ups were after a few weeks/dates, not the only reason for breaking up a multi-year relationship.

    1. Depends on where you are. Very popular in a majority of states and in most of the country outside of big cities. My legal immigrant husband thinks my vote for President Elect Trump is a bug bonus!

      1. Just because it was done in a tv show, doesn’t mean people can’t do it on their own. If I’m not mistaken, Kramer was based on a real person. There are more things in real life, Horatio, than are dreamt of by sitcom writers.

    1. See, I was wondering why this wasn’t posted repeatedly and enthusiastically. She’s (literally) pointing out his breach of etiquette in her own “cutesy” manner.
      My parents did this to me and I have done it to my children to remind them to cover their mouths when they yawn.

  1. Did anyone else conclude that Antoinette’s ex boyfriend might be gay?

    “Could you please just start going by ‘Tony’? And what’s with this habit of shaving your legs? Stop that. Did you ever consider wearing fewer skirts and more pants? You know what I think would look really good on you? A suit and tie.”

    1. I can’t stand ketchup. I put mustard in evrything most people put ketchup on, including fries… But I dip. Not smear it on my hands.

  2. When my grandpa is feeling chatty, he announces the store names as we drive by, like each store has some significance. It is annoying. Even worse, though, is when my mom is there too. They both get going, competing.

    Maybe the pea eater is a fan of Secretary…

    1. When I visit my family in the suburbs, stores are a really big topic of conversation. It’s very boring. I couldn’t date someone who kept talking about them .

  3. Lets settle this right here and now!

    YES almost all of the entries on here are men and it sounds petty.

    BUT, keep in mind that women are the gatekeepers here.

    Men chase, women pick. If you don’t like that take it up with mother nature and almost every species in the animal kingdom.

    That said, men are throwing out a larger net and pursuing a lot more options that are presented to them. Women on the other hand have what they want in mind and when they see it they grab it.

    So once the woman has what she wants she’s not interested in looking around or considering other options.

    Guys are.

    This is especially bitter for some women because all their life they’ve been shooting guys down then they come upon one that she chooses, but that doesn’t guarantee that she’ll get or keep him. Even though leading up to that point she’s felt like she’s had a buffet of options.

  4. I once got dumped for living in a trailer park in high school.

    Fast forward 20 years and I’m a home owner with a good job and my retirement taken care of. Meanwhile the guy she started dating beat her all the time, got her pregnant, had DHS take her kids away for drug use, and is still living with her parents.

    Life’s funny sometimes.

  5. Totally understand the loud eating one, my ex was a very loud lip smacking eater and it drove me CRAZY. But then again so did a lot of other things, that was just one of the reasons I had to end it…

  6. I once dumped a guy – actually walked out of a bar and left him sitting there on the second date – because he kept dipping his fries in my ketchup. There was a bottle of ketchup on the table, there was absolutely no reason for him to drag his half-eaten food across my plate. He could have gotten his own damn ketchup and not been so disgusting — Yes, I told him this bothered me. He just winked and did it again.
    I left.

  7. Most of these are just completely shallow and judgmental. Breaking up with someone because you didn’t like their NAME?! Ugh.

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