18 Weird Kids

Children are wonderful because they have a pure, innocent view of the world. And that’s also why they do such strange, strange things. [via dumpaday]



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  1. What a wonderful time we live in. I mean, not if you are a kid because your shit is put out there by your parents and relatives for all the world to see and for strangers to make fun of you and laugh at you.

    Privacy? Who needs privacy when I can get a few likes and retweets. That’s way more important.

      1. No insecurity, just don’t understand why parents want to put their kids embarrassing pictures online for the whole world to see. Willing to bet that most of these kids won’t be happy when they are older and realize what their parents have done.

        1. Or they’ll just laugh it off because they were kids. Everybody’s parents share embarrassing photos of them with people, and nobody’s been scarred for life because of it.

    1. Too bad children don’t grow up and look sufficiently different. We should definitely be mocking adults whose pictures were put up without permission instead because we can actually recognize those people in real life and then mock them in person!

    2. Jesus, get a frigging grip. Are you the same person who complains virtually any time pictures or videos of children appear at this site.

      This isn’t some uniquely modern phenomenon. The only thing that is new is the ease of sharing, but the people who get a laugh out of seeing these pictures on Pleated Jeans are either people who aren’t going to encounter the children in real life or people who would have had access to the pictures regardless of whether they were posted online for all to see. No one is negatively affected by this. Mild embarrassment is not a traumatic experience from which children must be shielded at all costs. And in fact, parents of every generation have enjoyed sharing embarrassing stories about their kids. It’s not 21st century fame seeking; it’s freaking human nature.

      Frankly, I pity any children who are raised according to your mentality. It teaches them that their feelings are more precious than anything, and it threatens to make them socially insufferable people who can’t accept good-natured ribbing among friends or tell the difference between jokes and malicious insults. If those are the children who shape the future, the future will be one unbearable series of forced apologies.

        1. Sad thing is, I can’t even tell which side you’re talking about. Although one of them has the support of new-Nazis and the KKK, so there’s that.

      1. Nope, fame seeking because of their desperate need for likes and retweets. If it wasn’t, then these would have only been shared with close friends and family, not the entire Internet.

        Look, I get it. You don’t care about your child at all and don’t understand consequences. It’s okay, but don’t come crying when your kids are on drugs or hate you in the future.

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