16 Pet-Proof Christmas Trees

The battle which has raged since time immemorial, the one between our pets and our things, becomes especially fierce during the holidays. You can have a tree and a pet, but it’s going to be some work. [via boredpanda]



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    1. They are also seriously NOT pet proof from cats. Cats can jump 6-10 feet straight up. (I’ve had multiple cats that did this consistently)

      1. I read consistently as “constantly” at first, and was wondering what prompted that kind of behavior. It turns out i’m an idiot.

      1. One never truly owns a cat. But that is okay.

        Not sure if our three cats are well behaved by nature, or if they (mostly) respect our stuff. One cat knocked over the tree. The fear of the tree almost falling on him, and a stern talking to, and he has only occasionally chewed on a few pine needles since. The tree remains intact, and beautifully decorated.

        If you truly have difficulty with cat behaviour, read a few books on the subject, or consult with an expert.

    1. Sometimes it’s not a behavior. My dogs (gone this year- tree is full) had long swishy tails and they would walk past and knock down very nice glass bulbs. They never purposefully attacked the tree.

    2. Meanwhile I count myself lucky that the only thing I had to do to catproof my tree was not put peppermint candy canes on it; my Siamese mix loves peppermint.

      Now if only the Jack Russell puppy would stop trying to pull off tightly-clipped ornaments…

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