21 Times Tumblr Was Unsettled By 2016

It’s been quite the year. But 2017 will be better. Right? Right? [via smosh]



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    1. I know. It’s one thing to be in your 80’s and lose one of your “icons” from your youth, but when your “icon” is 3 years YOUNGER than you and only 53, it’s particularly jarring. He will be missed. ♥ RIP George Michael. Funny thing, right before I read that horrible first news release, I was cleaning my house and dancing with my dogs to “Wake Me Up.” So very sad.

      1. I was going to say- it hasn’t YET- this just seems like the preamble. It’s the universe saying- hey you guys, things are about to entirely fall apart, let’s get you ready by just constant reminders that nothing lasts, and you cannot trust your fellow humans to be decent in any way. That way we’re a bit more prepared for when the s*** storm actually starts. This is just the equivalent of the storm sirens going off before the tornado hits.

  1. Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger disaster, the Kent State riots, and of course 9/11 all stand out in my lifetime as being much worse than 2016. People are losing their lunch because they’re buying into the media-filtered propaganda of the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve panic that their puppet-master manipulations may be coming to an end.

    Roll out the guillotines, boys — in 2017 a reckoning is a-beckoning.

    1. Your post has the internal consistency of a steel toe boot filled with mud. You realize that guillotines are things that kill people, right? And not quickly, like in the movies.

      So you’re saying that people are overreacting because worse stuff has happened and we’re going to cut off your heads?

      Because legislative changes currently being discussed could literally kill me. I am permanently disabled, and the only way I survive is because we, as a society, have decided that humans shouldn’t starve to death or die of preventable and treatable illnesses. Our society is changing its collective mind about whether people who get $900 a month because they had a stroke and are brain damaged deserve to live. It’s fucking terrifying.

      The horrors you cited were terrible, but they were not a nation choosing hate and disdain.

      1. Jesus tap dancing Christ calm down guy.
        It’s a post on the internet where someone basically said that 2016 ISNT THE WORST and you had to react like they proposed that NOTHING happened.
        Get some perspective here, just because YOU are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun does not mean EVERYTHING is ruined for EVERYONE, whiners are why Trump won (I know they aren’t but still, calm down)

    2. FYI, “Rothschilds” is a troll reference to Jewish bankers, or just Jews in general.

      Did you realize that the president-elect’s pick for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, is Jewish, made his fortune as a banker for Goldman Sachs, and is a Hollywood financier? If you’re truly concerned about “Rothschild… puppet-master manipulations”, why do you think these guys are any better?

    3. I would say the Orlando shooting was worst than some of the things you mentioned. But, I’m going to to put on a limb and say you are problem perfectly happy that those particular people were killed

      No worries, they Nazi lost last time and they will lose this time to. Enjoy your win while you can.

    4. What the fuck are you even talking about? 2016 was a rough year – lots of people died really unexpectedly early, and I feel like this last election shortened my life by 10 years, it’s been rough.

      Nobody in any of these posts was saying this was the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of ever, so “mwap mwap these other things were much worse!” is not especially relevant. I don’t even know what the end of your first paragraph is talking about. We’re not all losing our lunches over that, we’re all upset because all these people we were fond of died unexpectedly, because of that BS with the gorilla, and that alligators, and this awful election which has brought out the worst in people of all sides, and the Flint water thing, and Brexit, and the Pulse nightclub massacre, and all the massive amounts of shit that went on. Collectively, 2016 was a shitty year. That’s what people are talking about. Maybe the assassination of JFK was worse than all of that shit combined, but nobody’s saying that.

    5. So many of the people slamming this guy are missing the point. Hard.

      See back in the day, there was no assumption that most Americans were mostly decent, because of the massive acceptance of discrimination. When trouble came around there was concern things would get worse and stay worse.

      Now we are very socially aware, to the point where the bad things in life are corrected more often than not, and so a depressing year like 2016 is not without hope.

      I know it’s hard to not be the center of the universe, but when someone says something you disagree with try thinking about what they mean, and if perhaps they have a valid point BEFORE dismissing them entirely.

      Kelli is right, 2016 isn’t that bad, have a coke and a smile and shut the hell up

  2. To add to the last list

    1. The Orlando shooting
    2. That the Orlando shooting is rarely mentioned in these “fuck 2016” list. 49 people were murdered and it has been completely forgotten

    1. Most of the list was making jokes about the weirdness of 2016. I think it’d be pretty disrespectful to joke about a mass shooting. Lots of people remember it very well. If you’re looking for a sincere memorial, maybe don’t look at silly lists?

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