30 More Funny Christmas Pics

You don’t need to start cleaning up right away. Leave up the lights. Allow the tree to turn brown. Let the neighbors talk. [via acidcow]



13 responses to 30 More Funny Christmas Pics

    1. That IS what it’s about. Why would the dad be in full Santa get-up after the kids are supposed to be in bed? I also enjoy thinking of Santa Baby be sung from the cheating mom’s perspective.

  1. I spent a good five minutes laughing at the “Creamy Shits” and “Hail Satan” ones, oops.

    Also, that first one is a lesson: NEVER CHALLENGE GRANDMA. GRANDMA WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE AND MAKE YOU REGRET IT. My brother even has a size seven women’s boot print on his ass as proof.

  2. The Wise Man gets his “wisdom” from that bong.

    And that decoration totally looks like a severed toe, even close up. It just looks like a severed toe with nail art, which is somehow more disturbing.

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