Guy Matches His Drink At School

A high school student in Virginia was secretly photographed by a classmate as always dressing the same as his drink. He looks so… complete. [via boredpanda]


6 responses to Guy Matches His Drink At School

  1. No way! His shirts are the same color as his drinks! That’s incredible! What are the chances that he would pick the same color shirts as his drinks that day?!

    1. You took the time to click on the link, go through the pics, and then make some lame ass comment. You must live an exciting life.

  2. Honestly, I think it’s pretty awesome with all the stupid, often self destructive, things that people do to amuse themselves that this guy did something that’s- honestly just amusing and doesn’t distract from class at all really, and isn’t “pranking” someone. Mostly because it seems like “pranks” these days are more being horrible to someone to make your friends laugh. All in all- this kid is awesome.

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