15 of the Best Dog Tweets of 2016

Dogs are the objectively the Earth’s goofiest creatures, and the evidence just keeps on rolling in. [via sadanduseless]



13 responses to 15 of the Best Dog Tweets of 2016

    1. I literally went back and looked at all the date stamps, seriously, did anyone notice the 2015 and 2014 posts on this list? Pretty fast and loose with the term “2016”, Derek.

  1. “on it’s face”
    “ON IT’S FACE”

    English isn’t my first language and things like this make me sick.

        1. No, Fucktard’s dad is just a butt weasel (though I (a pedant) would prefer ‘butt-weasel’)).

          You need lessons in distinguishing pedantry from pure butt-weaselry.

    1. First of all, referring to one’s own dog as an “it” is pathetic. Using “it’s” incorrectly is a great reminder how people in India learn and speak better English than many in the U.S. of A.

    2. The art of the written language, along with proper spelling and grammar, is slowly dying. It’s sad. Those who say things such as, “Don’t be a jerk. You know what he/she meant,” are only perpetuating the idea these things do not matter. However, words have meaning and languages have structure for a reason – so we can communicate what we are thinking in a way others will understand. So, yes, it does matter.

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