18 Hilarious Christmas Gifts

You could give your loved ones something they know they will cherish, or you can give them something that will make them silently shake their head. [via boredpanda]

Our 8-Year-Old Son Woke Up Early This Morning To Put Together Stockings For Me And His Mom… Which Were Plastic Bags Full Of What You See Here

My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesnt Like Being Challenged

Son Wanted Beats For Christmas. I Delivered

Gave My Dad A Blanket With My Face On It, Because I’ve Always Wanted To Give Someone A Blanket With My Face On It

My Crooked Eyed Granny Knit Me Some Socks For Christmas

I’m 24 And Do Not Live With My Parents And This Is What They Got Me

My Brother Never Fails To Disappoint With His Personalised Christmas Gifts – This Year He Made Me A Calendar

For Christmas My Great Aunt Gifted Me Moisturiser That’s Twelve Years Out Of Date

I Was Overjoyed With My Brother’s Sweet Gift

I’m 28 And Still Living With My Parents. This Is What I Got For Christmas

Brother Killed It At Christmas Exchange

I Ordered My Girlfriend A Collage Blanket Covered In Photos Of Myself, And They Sent Another Family’s Blanket. Gave It To Her Anyway

I Photoshopped Myself To Be My Own Awkward Family. Yes, They Are All Me (Bodies Included). Yes, I Did Go To The Beach And Take The Pictures. Yes People Did Stare. Yes, I Did Send This Out To My Family And Friends For The Holidays

My Neighbor Brought Us A Plate Of Christmas Cookies. After Eating The Whole Plate, We Found This On The Bottom

My Friend’s Sister Had Some Fun With His Gift Wrapping

Responsible Parents Inspect Their Children’s Gifts

I’m 24 And Still Living With My Parents. This Is What I Got For Christmas

7 responses to 18 Hilarious Christmas Gifts

  1. Two years ago, I gave my mother a blanket with me and my dog’s picture on it. It is a great blanket and she doesn’t use it.

  2. Honestly the “I’m xx years old still living at home and my parents got me xx” ones kind of.. I find them more sad than funny at this point. Oh, you’re in your mid twenties, you live at home, and your parents got you a charmander onesie? I’d feel safe making a couple assumptions- one, that you love Pok√©mon. Two, that you’re going to wear the s**t out of that. Right now getting an adult size onesie is- it’s not that funny. They’re EVERYWHERE. 6-7 years ago I made my husband a bear suit, a big fleece suit with ears, a tail, and a tummy panel that snaps over the zipper. Now, I could have just gone to target and bought one. I feel kind of like I’m being an adult footie-pajama/onesie hipster- but for real, they’re normal now.
    – If your parents buy you luggage for Christmas and you’re “too old” to be living at home, go. I mean, ha, they’re suitcases, but… unless it’s impossible for you to move out (medical/legit financial issues not “I haven’t found my dream job so I’ll play video games til then”problems) GET OUT AND LET YOUR PARENTS NAP/BONE/WALK AROUND NAKED IF THEY WANT.

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