15 Ideas So Crazy They Just Might Work

Sometimes a great idea is so out of left-field that it sounds crazy. /r/CrazyIdeas is dedicated to coming up with new crazy ideas, some of them truly great–and some just truly crazy. [via dorkly]



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    1. I often wonder if the pics are numbered on other people’s browsers. Like, they are numbered in Chrome but not in Firefox. Sometimes try and go back to count but then the laziness sets in…

    1. OK, but important question: if I go to the coffee shop and get some pot, will I be able to get a cup of coffee and a cake to go with it?

  1. In your will, specify that you would like to be burned on a pyre. Just before you die, shove a roman candle up your butt.

  2. I invented a side-scrolling game that is endless when you go to the right from the starting point, but you finish immediately if you go left from the starting point.

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