14 Would You Rather’s To Test Yourself

The minds over at /r/AskReddit have collected some of the best questions to figure out what kind of person you are. They should use these on dating sites. [via collegehumor]



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  1. Poop flavored ice cream. Germs.
    Man in a dog’s body. Would be awesome!
    Glow in the dark hair (obviously!).
    Eaten by a great white.
    Save the child. Is that really a question?
    Drown in mayonnaise.
    Both sound terrible. What’s with the butt stuff?
    Sheets of cheese. Wear pyjamas.
    Date the girl.
    Twice my age and up sound like a muted trombone. That demographic gets smaller every year.
    They don’t say how deep the honey is, but probably honey.
    Movies turn into Shrek. Don’t take away my music.
    Fight a chicken to the death. Encourage me to walk and ride my bike more often!
    I am a mommy, so…. I don’t have to stay with either of my parents.

    I’m coming back to see other answers.

    1. There a sadly far more people (If you can call them that) that would choose glory they didn’t earn over a perceived bad reputation (Which admittedly would not be nice or easy) than you would like to know about. I saw one off those “morality what would you do” a while back about choosing money over an unknown childs life. As well as others of it’s kind. Some people are just horrible.

      1. Depending on what is intended by the question, it could be more than a bad reputation. What if you could only get the most menial and low paying jobs for the rest of your life? Would you be willing to spend life in prison for it? What about being executed?

  2. Ice cream
    Dog with the mind of a man (then help him out when needed but let him do his own thing)
    Shark (even though I’m terrified of aquatic animals, dying underwater would at least be quiet)
    Save the kid
    Mayo (provided it wasn’t all at once)
    Girl (provided I was in 8th grade)
    Twice my age
    Foot of honey
    I would get rid of my car. (I haven’t had meat in 9 years. I love chickens, and I’m certainly not killing an endangered animal.)
    I’m 21 and my parents are still married, so I don’t have to worry about that. (But if I had to choose, I’d just go where my older sister went. I like my parents, but my sister is my favorite.)

  3. Poop-flavoured Icecream, it’s just “flavoured”.
    Man in dogs body = rich!
    Fart confetti ftw.
    Save the child.
    So much mayo.
    Meat floor.
    Half my age, twice is lucky to wake in the morning.
    8 foot of popcron!
    Shrek, be damned if I’ll lose my music.
    Free chicken every day? Pow sucka.

  4. 1 Poop flavored ice cream. I’d get sick otherwise. 2 Dog in a man’s body. Otherwise it would be cruel . 3 Glow in the dark hair. Confetti would be irritating . 4Wouldn’t matter , both are painful deaths. 5 Save the childs life. I wouldn’t smegging care what people think. 6 Stoned to death by pickles. I don’t think you could die from it. 7 Poop the mayo. Because …. Yeah…. 8 Floors of hamburger. I’d just wear shoes and have free hamburger. 9 Date her. Not into necrophilia. 10 Kids sounding like minions. I need to communicate with adults. Plus it would be far funnier anyway. 11 Run a mile in honey. Easier. 12 That’s basically asking to give up music or movies. I’d give up movies. 13 Fight the orangutan. Fighting the chicken would be easy and a daily nuisance. Fighting the orangutan would be epic. 14 That’s a low one, dude. Really…

  5. 1. Poop flavored ice cream
    2. Man in dog’s body… but I really had to think “what would HE prefer?”
    3. Glow in the dark hair
    4. Shark. I have less comprehension what that would feel like.
    5. Save the child, appear to be a jerk
    6. Stoned to death by pickles (aka old age, assuming the attacker let’s me eat the pickles)
    7. Mayonnaise, I think… if my calculations are right, I could do this in 31 years.
    8. Cheese sheets
    9. Living girl, provided it’s a play date only.
    10. Charlie brown trombone. I talk to very few people that old.
    11. Popcorn. It’d be like running through a corn maze.
    12. Movie turn into shrek
    13. Orangutan, so long as the death match isn’t impromptu
    14. That’s low…

  6. Ice Cream Flavored Poop
    Man in Dog Body
    Glow in the Dark Hair
    Eaten by Shark
    Let em Die
    Pickles ( drowning hurts, almost drowned this past summer, but not in mayo…thankfully)
    Poo Mayo
    Hamburger (I despise American cheese)
    Twice my age as they probably would be zombies or very very old
    Smash Mouth (I usually watch horror so Shrek would ruin it for me, and I rarely listen to music outside of the car)
    Well, they’re both dead so I’d be spending a lot of time with a corpse either way, so I choose none if its an option.

  7. Poop-flavored ice cream for sure.
    Man in dog body.
    Glow in the Dark Hair — that shit’s practical, yo.
    Eaten by shark.
    Make sure the kid lives — it’s not as though trying to seem heroic will make my family love me…
    Pickles — Drowning would suck AND I hate mayonnaise.
    Crap out a shuriken — again, mayo makes me EUGH.
    American cheese sheets.
    Living girl–then again I’m lesbian.
    Twice my age sounding like trombones please.
    Run through honey — I’ve fucking stepped on popcorn and that shit HURTS.
    Smash Mouth — mostly because I can tolerate their music more than I can stand watching Shrek.
    Fight a chicken to the death. Which should be quick as long as I’m not in Ebonhawke on Guild Wars 2
    Mom. Since my dad was an abandoning piece of shit.

  8. Push one of two buttons: first one gives you one million dollars but kills a random child, second saves a random child but you get herpes.

    1. What kind of herpes? Most people are asymptomatic carriers of Herpes Simplex 1 and Herpes Zoster (chicken pox / shingles), but I assume you’re referring to Herpes Simplex 2 which specializes in human genitalia. And I’ve had Epstein-Bar, another herpes virus, as mononucleosis.

      So, I know for a fact I’ve got traces of two of those. So, can I automatically save two children and call it even?

  9. Permanent taste of pork fat in your mouth, no matter what you eat or how much you brush, or permanent smell of sweaty ass in your nostrils, or permanent image of naked Donald Trump in the corner of your field of vision?

  10. 1. Poop flavored ice cream
    2. Man in dog’s body
    3. Glow in the dark hair
    4. Eaten by a white shark
    5. Kill the child.
    6. I love mayo.
    7. Mayo again.
    8. Cheese sheets
    9. Really, what’s the difference?
    10. Trombones.
    11. Honey, but this one was hard.
    12. I rarely watch movies, so obviously.
    13. That would be just killing a chicken, right? They aren’t much of a challenge.
    14. Mum.

  11. It is more than a little worrying that you are spending time dreaming up these dilemmas and or answering them – do you not see the world going to s**** while you put the internet to no good use what so ever

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