19 Shower Thoughts to Expand Your Mind

Just a few things to blow your mind. [via thechive]



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  1. Fun fact time! In the earier versions of Sleeping beauty the prince has sex with her (basically raping a drugged woman) and having children while stil asleep. And moving on to presumably find other victims leaving her to wake on her own and finding she now has children. Soooo… The fairy-tale should be named “Roofied beauty and the daterape douchebag “.

  2. I get so annoyed at people who say the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty involved a strange man kissing her awake. In the Disney movie, not only are Aurora and Prince Philip engaged and in love at that point, but he is also explicitly told by her fairy godmothers that the only way to break the spell is by kissing her. Even Snow White, at least in the Disney movie, had previously met the Prince that kisses her. Although that one is still a little creepy. There are so many legitimate criticisms to be made about the fairy tale model of love and gender norms as we present them to children in old school Disney movies, but I’ve always marveled at how much attention this inaccurate version of Sleeping Beauty gets.

    1. I don’t I’ve seen a website so terrified that people might think it’s gay. I get it, website!! You are for straight men and straight men only. No need to have a ladies ass in every single post.

    1. come visit me in China; it’s not so bad here cause i’m pretty close to the coast (like, only 5-10 times over what counts as “healthy” in the US) but we’ll go on a trip to beijing or somewhere more industrial like where they make all the steel in the province below and you’ll see.

  3. The lap one is super dumb: “lap” is obviously not an acronym; its etymology is ill-documented but it clearly first meant “front of skirt” not the area beneath that.

  4. So… this is basically just all the posts from r/showerthoughts that were featured on the front page in the past 2 months or so. In order. How is this via the chive again?

    Also, I like how out of the wide selection of deadly monstrosities they ended up using that chlamydia-ridden joke of evolution as the background for the Australia one.

    1. Thanks for saying ‘dude’, dude. Keep it up and one day you’ll be a 70 year old dude who says ‘dude’.

  5. Yes these all are on other sites. But, I can see them all here without having to click one pic at a time after trying to find the real “next” button. So quit bitching or go back to your click bait whored-out source for pics of the day.

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