15 Good Pieces of Bad Advice

If you’re going to get bad advice, you might as well get the best bad advice around. [via dumpaday]




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  1. Here’s another one. Trouble with procrastination? Check pleated-jeans.com obsessively and be occasionally rewarded with light chuckles and/or smirks.

    1. Hoping to find someone in the comments section who is both clever and not a jerk? Scroll down and hope you get lucky.

      (I did)

  2. I’ve actually done the shipping a package via UPS instead of checking it with the airline. I think there is less chance of UPS losing it than the airlines and it costs me way less money than the checked bag fee. Plus, I have a tracking #, so I can see where my stuff is at.

    1. Ah, see what you need to do is ship each thing separate. Pants in one box, shirt in one box, toothpaste in one box. No waiting for the baggage carousel 🙂

    2. I think the joke was to put each individual item in its own box (“ship everything separately”). If you have a lot of stuff, shipping it in a few larger boxes CAN be cheaper and safer than checking it on an airplane, but it’s not so if you’re doing one item per box.

      The logic is that if it’s all in one suitcase on a plane, if they lose your luggage you’ve lost everything. But if you’re shipping one item per box (one for a pair of socks, one for one pair of pants, etc), the odds are that they’ll lose EVERYTHING are pretty low!

  3. If your afraid of sharks, cover yourself in blood to go swimming the sharks will recognize you as a fellow killer and leave you alone.

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