16 Funny Mid-Flight Scenes

You’re in a tiny enclosed space hundreds of feet in the air with complete strangers. It’s bound to be weird. [via boredpanda]



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    1. That was my thought. Man, it’s rude enough to put your feet on the armrest, but to do it when you’re not even wearing socks?? Fucking gross, fucking rude, you deserve to get your feet tickled unless that’s your fetish.

  1. The feet. Gross. At least it looks like she had a pedi before the flight.
    As for the hair over the back of the seat…..gum anyone? If you did it right, they wouldn’t feel it being wadded up in the ends of that nasty.

  2. I bet that guy on his own sat in the assigned seat.
    Was once on a DC-10 flight to Bulgaria with like 10 strangers and my girlfriend. We chose the quietest place, kicked the seats in front forward, put our legs on them, and the crew didn’t care. Best flight ever – instant service, no stress and really comfortably.

  3. Call me crazy but would it not just be easier to tell that highly inconsiderate, selfish woman to get her feet down out of your space? Can’t complain about something if you’re not going to do anything about it.

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