23 of The Worst Dates Ever

A first date is already a terrifying concept, but on Twitter people have come together in solidarity to post their horror stories. [via ebaumsworld]



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    1. Cher & Dionne grabbed their cellulars to call while Tai rushed to help. Murray & Elton just sat & laughed at Travis all busted up from the crash while listening to “rollin’ with the homies” in Cher’s jeep.

  1. Some of these people have really high standards and yet also low standards? If him playing the harmonica was so awful why did you stay for 30 minutes?

  2. The Walrus guy sound like Jon Arbuckle from Garfield. (No really, there’s a comic strip where he does that on a date)

  3. The second to the last one is the saddest because she made him her boyfriend even after he bragged about and offer to introduce her to his ex. How lonely and desperate are you to not only go on a second dare with him but make him your boyfriend? Wow. Some women just do not want to be alone! Sad!

  4. Isn’t Bass Pro Shop the place where you can go fishing inside? It wouldn’t be my favorite place, but I actually think it would be neat for a date to be excited about sharing an interest like that.

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