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mr lovenstein

viaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviaviapoorly drawn lines
viaviaviaviaviaviaviacyanide and happiness

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  1. Giving a gun to a child teaches them many valuable and important lessons, the first one probably being what it feels like to shoot your own eye out.

      1. I read about a guy in Florida who stored his loaded gun in an oven, and when someone else used the oven, they got shot. This guy was not barred from owning a gun or made to take a gun safety course. Hearing that people leave loaded guns within the reach of preschool children does not surprise me in the slightest.

        1. Ok well see. That’s Florida. Not fair to use Florida to judge all of the u.s. Florida is awful and like……….the druggist cousin everyone avoids and doesn’t talk about. No one likes Florida.

          1. My family is taking a cruise to the Bahamas but it’s spending its first night docked in Florida. When we were planning our itinerary my sister asked what I wanted to do on our one day in Florida. I said “stay on the boat”

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