Funny Pic Dump (1.10.17)



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  1. i’ve seen those dancy cats in the photo before but in a different one. that one was clearly shopped but now i wonder what other conquests the cats made across the internet

    1. Aaron Kyro. Has a youtube show called “You build it, we skate it.” That door deck is just the beginning of their zany antics.

  2. The airport mascot looks like it wants a hug. I wonder if it’s arms can even move. If not, same sadness of the last comic.

        1. That is exactly what I was thinking. I know that Japanese toilets can be awesome, but I didn’t know that they had valet service for toilet paper.

  3. The door with skateboard trucks on it is a pic of some skateboarding guy who has a youtube channel called Braille Skateboarding… I fell into a youtube hole for like 3 hours once watching videos of him putting skateboard wheels on things that shouldn’t have skateboard wheels on them

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