16 Parents Who Mocked Their Kid’s Selfies

Selfies are just the latest opportunity for parents to do what they do best: make fun of and embarrass their children. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. Why did any of those kids think any of those selfies were worth sharing in the first place? Half of these photos could go in the dictionary to accompany the definition for “smug”. And I don’t know what knife arm is doing in that photo. Hopefully she was trying to make a really ridiculous face and didn’t post that thinking she looked cute or quirky. Apologies if that’s just how her face is.

    1. Why does this person think their opinion is worth sharing in the first place? All of this could be an example to accompany the dictionary definition of “smug”. And I don’t know what hork is doing in this comment. Hopefully they were trying to make a really ridiculous comment and didn’t post this thinking it seemed intelligent or valuable. Apologies if that’t just how your personality is.

        1. Wow- white trash and hipsters? Teenagers. They’re mostly late teens early 20’s. When most people do crap like that. Just, until recently, not as well documented. Judgey judgerson.

    1. That’s the only one I like. The rest make me think I need to find a few more websites to visit when I’m bored because pretty much the last thing I care about is teenagers on Instagram, and yet here I am.

    1. I think there were multiple people with the same Supernatural tattoo in a very similar placement
      How original and quirky.

      1. That was all the same girl…… there are plenty of very common tattoos, just because something isn’t original doesn’t mean it can’t be meaningful to someone

  2. I don’t know, I’m kinda wondering about the what’s really going on with the parents here…kinda looks like an excuse for pouring over their kids posts

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