29 Wacky Office Signs

The white-collar workplace is an unnatural environment, it can’t be helped that sometimes our more base nature emerges. Mostly through sarcastic signs. [via thechive]



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    1. I went out with a girl called Debbie a few times. When i finished it she got really stalkie. I should have had one of those signs.

  1. Excellent! I especially like the “I have never wanted to use a microwave…” drawing the most…and the Brian the “not” dishwasher!

  2. So many questions! Did Debbie leave old food behind, or did she take other people’s food. Also, was she ashamed, or did her behavior continue? Was she ever shunned?

  3. At what point does one think, “Hey, I’ll spend a minute writing a hilarious post-it note” instead of just getting a tissue and removing the hair?

    1. That was my thought. I wouldn’t expect a cleaning person to clean the walls unless they were explicitly asked to or there was some kind of splatter or very noticeable gunk on them (ew). If the person was so bothered, they should have just removed the hair themselves instead of festering about it for six whole months. Talk about petty.

  4. We had an old German lady at my workplace who would steal people’s food WHILE THEY WERE EATING IT. If you were eating potato chips, she’d come up and be like “can I have one of these?” as she was picking it up. Nice lady, but quite rude when it came to food.

    1. This is not an Ike kind of comment.
      In my country, Spain, it’s not too rude to do that. If you have a bag of cookies or chips, some one can ask you for one or two, it will be rude of you to refuse. But if you are eating a sandwich and they take half or a bite, that is rude. Maybe in Germany is the same.
      Of course that is something that you can only do with people you know (coworkers, classmates, flatmates…). With friends and family we can be more ‘rude’. If I’m in a restaurant with my family I always ask to try their food.
      Keep in mind that in Spain, we use a lot less polite ways to make requests that other languages or even other Spanish speaking countries. I would say to a classmate ‘Give a cookie, please’, and I would have been polite.

  5. We have two computers for sending out parcel packages at my work. The older computer has UPS Worldship on it. At some point, management decided we needed a second computer for when we are very busy, so two people can process the orders at once. The newer computer uses a program call Starship, which will let us process both UPS and FedEx packages. Since that computer has the Starship program on it, IT named the computer Starship. Since the new computer was named Starship, I decided to rename the original computer “Jefferson Airplane”.

  6. I was in the lift just the other day and this person was trying to talk with me, and he said that he literally could not walk because of how bad his feet hurt. So then i told him “don’t you mean figuratively, not literally?’ And he seriously told me that I was not aware of the tense!!!!!! I was *this* close to saying ‘you don’t even know what tenses are you bloody ass

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