24 Incredible Spelling Errors

A lot of these spelling mistakes are funny because they’re iromic. [via boredpanda]



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    1. Well, “ejaculating” actually also means basically “yelling”, so that one works fine. Firefighters are having trouble fighting fires because of people in the middle of the road yelling.

  1. Living in Western NY, I could see the weather report being correct. It does get “Ass Cold” up here. 30 degrees is not Ass Cold.

  2. “Erection” one isn’t a misspelling; it’s a synonym for “construction”. Tons of companies are called ____ Erectors and anything done with steel is called erection.

  3. I like the “no pubic restroom” one because restroom is crossed out and written again. Which means someone told them the sign had a spelling mistake and thats what they decided to fix. This may not be true but it’s what I’m going with.

  4. Ok why is anyone surprised that the person calling herself “baby $lut” is dumb as fuck and can’t spell simple words? It hurts to type out the name. It hurts. How are you even a baby slut. Is she a baby that is slutty? I 100% doubt her claim.

  5. I’m starting to get the feeling that tattoos like “No Regerts” are intentional. You see them far too frequently these days.

  6. Worked in a construction office once upon a time and the boss sent out an an email BEFORE running it by me before he sent it. We worked on a lot of schools, churches, hospitals and the like, and the email said we did a lot of “pubic” construction. That was the last time he sent one without me looking at them FIRST. Sheesh. I imagine he started a lot of giggles with that one.

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